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The workbook is an Excel template that is user friendly and requires little knowledge of Excel.


Version 1.0 is for California judgments and states that follow California's statutes in applying payments to interest first.

Version 1A is for all other states, where appicable, where payments are applied first against the judgment and then to the interest. If you are unsure which one to use for your state, it is best to be conservative and use Version 1A. I am not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice on how to calculate judgment balances for your state. Consult a local attorney for information.


The workbook is madeup of three sheets: Costs, Payments & Filings, and Creditor Payments.

Costs - keep track of all your costs in check register format.

Payments & Filings - Use line item entries to calculate current interest, credits, and costs to date.

Creditor Payments - keep track of your disbursements to your creditor for repayments made on installment.

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